Volunteer Experience

Asha Loika Nussberger 

Geneva, Switzerland

November, 2012

In 2012 I had the opportunity to go to Nepal and stay for 8 months. I stayed mainly in Kathmandu and searched for an English teaching position in a school. I was in contact with many different associations, N.GO.’S and had a phone call with Hari Kkrishna Bhattarai, one of the commitee members of Educating Nepal who invited me to meet up with Ashirwad Tripathy, Aashish Ghimire and Binod Basnet. It was in November and they came to meet me in Baluwater where I lived at that period. There was as with most nepali’s an immediate good feeling to our meeting. I exposed my situation and plan and they invited me to go with them to Jholunghe the village where E.N. were concentrating there energy. We had for mission to bring some school material, such as books, pencils etc. We loaded it all on a public bus in Kathmandu main bus station and made for an approximative 6 hour bus ride through some pretty scary roads, with a strong smell of benzine leaking from a lawn mower in the middle of the seats. Above all a superb human connection with my 3 guides. We arrived fairly late at our meeting point with one of the main actors of the village, Balbahadur and some young men to help carry the material to the village which was a downward 1 hour walk in the dark with a crossing of river just before arriving. Truly ,magical moment arriving in this small village in the middle of the mountains that seemed to be cut off from everything. We were warmly greeted and treated with a superb dhal bhat and chicken prepared especially for us.

I drank for the first time an alcoholic beverage called Tchiang I think, prepared with roasted rice in ghee some sort of cardamon seeds and local alcohol, truly the most exotic and interesting thing I’ve tasted in my life.
The next day we were invited to go to the school and were blessed by nearly every child and person around, finishing off with a huge red bindi and beautiful flower necklaces in quantity round the neck. I felt so blessed to have all these people take time and energy to make these for us and to be so grateful. I animated a physical warm – up, stretching session in the morning sun next to the river and did a few games with the children, so much fun.

I was so happy to be in the middle of nature, surrounded by mountains and learning how these villagers live and subsist to their needs. I was told there are many small villages around that are even harder to access and the children walk on steep and dangerous paths to come to this school built with the help of Educating Nepal.

I’m touched by the dedication of the E.N. team who invest there time, energy, love and much more to sharing and exchanging there different knowledge, enable children to access the tools and allow the community to succeed on the long term. With education the children of today will have the tools to be the adults of tommorrow in an ever changing world.

My journey in Nepal was a deep journey for my whole being and soul but it was even more magic by the exchange I shared with Educating Nepal members as much in the village of Jholunge as in Kathmandu. I’m forever grateful for all they offered me and can only recommend them as a serious, motivated, hard working, warm hearted NGO who’s time or money are worth investing in.

Thank you
Asha Loika Nussberger

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