The nearest stakeholders of our executive body are our donors and working partners. It’s always a team work and without your involvement it would only be a wonderful thought.


Rotary Club of Thamel

Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Thamel is more of a mentor organization to our youth-led organization. From the very beginning RC Thamel has been an important aspect for us to learn how to work in collaboration.  RC Thamel now partners with EN in sanitation program for our school and on empowerment tools for the community. We also will be expanding the collaboration horizon with RC Thamel to rebuild the completely destroyed  Jholunge village as per the plan to mould it into self sustained model village.

Tono MagokoroNet


When a magnitude 9 earthquake hit northeastern Japan in 2011, it unleashed a destructive Tsunami claiming lives of over 15,000 with unimaginable infrastructural destruction.  Tono of Iwate Prefecture that lie in eastern region of Japan sustained a heavy loss too. Tono MagokoroNet  did not only provide emergency relief and reconstruction  but a sustainable ecosystem for recovering economic independence. Educating Nepal is partnering with Tono MagakoroNet to capitalize their experience on post disaster recovery expertise to rebuild Jholunge Village in Sindhupalchowk.

Punyaarjan Foundation

punyaarjan foundation

Educating Nepal is in partnership with Punyaarjan Foundation to rebuild the educational infrastructure of Suryodaya Primary School. The old building of the school was destroyed by the April 25 earthquake. Punyaarjan Foundation also looks after health, hygiene and nutrition of these underprivileged Majhi Kids. Lunch for the students that can fulfill their nutrition requirement and infirmary for the school and the community as a whole are near to begin plans.

Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC)


Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalamiti has been our prominent support group since our Annual Day 2013. The chairman of the college, Prof Er. Hirendra Man Pradhan himself is a man dedicated towards various social development activities and he has committed us with a support of NRP 100,000 annually in any of our project. The principal of the college Er. Shiva Prasad Koirala highly appraised our work after making a visit to our project.


“Vox is Latin for voice and we’re finding our voices so others may find theirs.” Vox in many ways have helped us find our voices too. Ever since inception VOXedinburgh has been by our side to support us in every work we do.

Ekta Books

ekta books

A school will always need teaching and learning materials. Ekta books has been generously providing us books for our school in compliance to academic curriculum.

Ramilo Shikchya


Computers have become integral part of lives today. In order to impart ICT education, the Project is running a lab with 10 raspberry pi computers in Suryodaya Primary School. The project aims to go beyond conventional methodologies and even encourage students to basic forms of programming starting from an early age.

Support group

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Jholunge Reconstruction

Jholunge Reconstruction

In the aftermath of April 25 7.8 magnitude earthquake, Jholunge’s all houses have completely collapsed...


90,110 of 500,000 USD raised (18.02%)

Let’s Synergize 

We need to partner and collaborate with many organizations to achieve our goals. The work becomes simplified when shared and with shared commitments we can go across any heights.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result o f forces working together.” – James Cash penny