In the aftermath of April 25 7.8 magnitude earthquake, Jholunge’s all houses have completely collapsed including some of or developmental infrastructures. With high proportionate local engagement we are reconstructing Jholunge into a model village. It’s a big task. Your support in this is quintessential.

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Project Sunrise

Work Progress 

The village prior to the earthquake


Jholunge Village use to have 85 houses prior to the earthquake. This underprivileged community of fishermen had invested their earnings of lifetime to make these houses.

majhi gaun 1


The village right after the earthquake


The April 25th earthquake completely devastated the village destroying all the houses and taking lives of 8 people. Hundreds of livestock and important infrastructures got buried under the rubbles.

cover 2


Immediate action


The community was on the brink of epidemic breakthrough upon the mass decaying of  livestock under the rubbles. A special volunteer squad from the village cleared off the caracas and sprayed disinfectant solution for two weeks.



Land survey and debris management


The rubbles and the unused remains of destroyed houses  were managed and cleared off using a power shover after comprehensive land survey by our engineers. This enabled  proper land plotting and reassessment of residential strategy.



Temporary shelters construction


65 proper  temporary shelters are complete till date. The temporary shelters are constructed out of the remains of old houses, Ply wood and tin sheets.



Land preparation and retention walls


Retention walls along all the plots of the residential area has been constructed after applying of bull dozer. Allocation and segmentation of land to build permanent houses are still on the process.


Architectural design of the village

Work in Progress

Construction of Permanent Houses and the Community as Per the Design

Yet to begin


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