Lava Deo Awasthi, Ph.D

Joint Secretary, Ministry of Education

Dr. Lava Deo Awasthi

I have been greatly impressed by the dedication and local level engagement of Educating Nepal in Majhi Gaun of Sindhupalchowk district with particular focus on school development and community empowerment. Educating Nepal sets a very good example for voluntary organizations on how a small scale initiative can bring a visible impact in disadvantaged communities. The contribution made by Educating Nepal to improving school delivery services and to connecting school and community are truly inspiring to all of us.

This engagement by a dedicated team of youth volunteers has complemented the work of the government and demonstrated a model of partnership in the district. In the post-disaster context of the district, Educating Nepal has created hopes for rebuilding schools and enhancing quality of education. I would like to congratulate Educating Nepal for their commitment to improving children’s equitable access to quality education. I wish all success to the endeavor of Educating Nepal.

Kazuhiko Tada

President , Tono MagokoroNet

Kazuhiko Tada

Educating Nepal is changing tomorrow little bit at a time. Their spiral natural circulation concept will enrich the whole of humanity and the society. Educating Nepal makes the much needed hope. It gives me great pleasure to have known these Nepali youths with such potential.