Donate to us. Whatever modest amount of cash or kind of help you offer; we assure you that your money is in good hands


You Can Make a Difference 

A small donation from you will be a valuable and selfless contribution to someone’s precious future. This will definitely help complete our innovative project model to uplift marginalized communities in making them sustainable and economically independent.



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Suryodaya Primary school is now 5 years old and is providing quality education to 150 majhi children for free. The school needs infrastructural expansion, administrative expenses, staff salary, stationary and educational material for the kids, funds incurred on extracurricular and other qualitative measures. Donate for the school to give these underprivileged children a bright future.


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It is very important to build communities that can sustain themselves without continued external support. We need funds to provide entrepreneurial trainings to the people of the community, funds required to provide seeding funds for local business of products and services.

Moreover the Jholunge village has been completely devastated by the April 25 earthquake. We are in the process of rehabilitating and rebuilding the community. We need support for proper planning of model village and building shelters for 85 household. Come join us in our quest of making Jholunge a model village by restoring the independence of the people.

Educating Nepal

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We do not have excessive administrative cost but still we have to manage office expenses, couple of salaries and other stuffs. So if you are generous enough to help us keep working, please do consider donating for our admin cost.

Donation in Kind

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Whatever petty things you contribute will not be wasted. We need books and stationery, multimedia tools, computers or whatever you have that may help impart knowledge.  These little things can indeed make a big difference.

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Why support EN


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A proactive youth led Organization.

We are a group of youths who have dedicated our lives towards social change and social justice. We come from different walks of life but have common goal of making Nepal a prosperous nation within our lifetime and our generation.



We are groups, collaborations and partners

We need support from every aspects and corners if we are to pursue our goal within this generation. So we believe in team work and build relationship with any other people or organizations to increase the work efficiency. We are not in race of reaching some place first; we want to go along to a better place together.


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We’ve been working for a while now

We have been working on projects for over 5 years now. We started working in different aspects of social change since 2009 and as a registered unit since 2012. Until 2015 we worked completely voluntarily without administrative cost. Well that’s how dedicated we are.


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Honesty and transparency

We are transparent at what we do. Whatever amount you support us big or small we provide you with timely reports supported by proper evidence. Our audited documents shall always be accessible to the stakeholders through our website and office.

A Small Contribution Can Make a Huge Impact

Trust us, your amount is in safe hands and we vow for the optimum utilization of the funds in terms of both performance and propriety.
The difference you make to these lives will surely be counted in the form of a priceless smile, a better Nepal or a blessing in disguise. Your small contribution will fuel in our motivational tank and help us work better.

“Every minute of every hour of every day you are making the world, just as you are making yourself, and you might as well do it with generosity and kindness and style.” – Rebecca Solnit