Nepal has been undergoing political instability and an economic deadlock lately. We, at Educating Nepal, are determined to define the future of our country in a different way.  We believe that if we care enough and work hard enough, we can turn things around. That’s what we are.


Educating Nepal- Join Our Campaign.  

Educating Nepal is a youth-led non-governmental organization. It is a tax-exempted entity, registered under Organization Registration Act 2034, section(4) and affiliated to Social Welfare Council under section 14 of Social Welfare Act 2049 working towards empowering deprived and underprivileged communities through sustainable project model where a child can get quality education for free.

Our team is a group of enthusiastic youths who strive for positive change.



We envision a prosperous nation with an all-round development in areas such as health, wealth and environment made possible by formal, non-formal and informal education, and through mass participation of youths who are impelled in their own right to conceive righteously the significance of philanthropy and social responsibility.


Educating Nepal is committed to bringing about social reforms primarily by educating children—especially the underprivileged, not only the children with the ability to read and write, but those with the ability to have an open mind and to acquire the right skills to move forward.


  • Promote and advocate for free and quality education specially in rural parts of Nepal (EFA)

  •  Plan and implement not just for academic education but informal and non formal education as well.

  • Empower women and dependent population of deprived communities

  • Indulge youth power into self-employment rather than foreign employment

  • Create a self sustainable community in a spiral model • Use 4 E’s of rural community development for sustainable development of Nepal

  • Use as far as possible eco-friendly technology and innovation to improve living.

  • Raise awareness about the significance of philanthropy among youths who are relatively blessed or fortunate.


History Prior to establishment.

2008: Hari Krishna Bhatatrai started a micro project. He took the responsibility of teaching one child from Majhi Gaun how to read and write. The project has so far expanded from one student to three.

2009: Hari met Binod and Ashirwad who were actively involved in various social works, and later took along Binod and the group (that would later establish Educating Nepal) to Majhi Gaun for the first time with two computers. Then, a formal school, later known by the name Suryodaya Primary School, was initiated in a small rented room with 15 students.

2010: The school was subsequently registered as Suryodaya Prathamik Vidhyalaya by the Government of Nepal with permission to run it as an English-medium school. (Usually, government schools are Nepali-medium.)

2011: The number of students, that is: Majhi Gaun children, increased to fifty-five.

2012: The number of students now increased to 82; and, to accommodate the increased number, Educating Nepal (unregistered as yet) now constructed a low-budgeted, four-room building for Nursery, Lower Kindergarten, Upper Kindergarten and Grade 1 with the help of available local resources.

2012: On December 21, Educating Nepal (EN) was formally registered as a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) with Co-founders Binod and Ashirwad under Organization Registration Act 2034 to work in the educational sector and with collaboration of youths from various sectors and professions.

There is no looking back now.



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Students and us


Our Faith

 Performance, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities, this is the kind of spirit we carry for the work we do.  We believe, like anybody else we too are gifted for something and we are prepared to go beyond anything in pursuit of that attainment.

“We are nothing but a drop in the ocean, why not make this drop a significant one.”