ICT Outreach

Project ICT Outreach is an effort to develop ICT infrastructure in the schools of rural areas surrounding Kathmandu and beyond. Our project will focus on digital literacy and empowering people through this medium.


ICT Need

The schools not just in rural parts of Nepal but also in the outskirts of Kathmandu are in dire need of changes in education system. Despite close proximity to the capital of the country, there haven’t been much progress. In this modern age, it is vital to keep in touch with the technological advancement. But taking the state of rural schools under consideration, it is a worry. Poor access to ICT facilities have pegged back the development of these schools and hindered the possibility of any progress.



The increasing disparity between the schools located in the city and in the villages is startling. The intent of our project is to address this situation. We aim to empower the youths of rural Nepal through the transfer of ICT knowledge.


  • Our objective is to enhance education in rural communities with the help of proper ICT infrastructure including the accessibility for Internet.

  • Our aim is to empower the rural population with the help of ICT. Educating the youths and willing adults by providing related local content for proper understanding.

  • Helping schools introduce computer as a compulsory course from the upcoming academic sessions and train the teachers using multimedia based training modules.

  • To involve individuals and organizations, drawing on their technical and financial generosity to enhance the ICT facilities in the rural areas.

  • Using ICT to create a holistic approach towards building a sustainable community, which could tap into the potential of vast amount of information.

  • Help local population realize the scope of ICT and the vast opportunities that comes with it. Helping them have broader career choices and easy integration into urban communities.


The need to empower people with lack of ICT facilities is our major objective. To give opportunities to the youths and adults of these rural areas and help them realize the potential that lies in digital literacy and opening new doors. 

ICT Outreach Projects


Community ICT Center, Jholunge

IMG_4895ICT has become an integral part of modern day education system. It facilitates and contributes much needed resource to a learning process. Moreover its utility is not just confined within academic education for young children but for communication, business and health facility for these communities with poor road accessibility.

We  have finally connected Internet in this remote village. We’ve struggled for years trying this but now after meeting Mr. Mahabir Pun, it finally is happened.

The ICT Center in Jholunge is currently running with 10 computers. The lab provides not just for the academic curriculum of the school but facilitates the whole community with extended purpose in technological and communication aspects. This all has been made possible with your generous support. We look to extend this program to different communities as we have found it to be quintessential all around Nepal.

IMG_5423The current purpose of Community ICT Center are:

  • Digital Literacy

  • e-library

  • Communication

  • A platform of e-commerce for local entrepreneurs

  • Tele-medicine as the nearest primary health care center  is at a 3hrs waliking distance



After a successful implementation of ICT facilities in Jholunge Sindhupalchowk,we are extending our reach to another deprived village of Kaleshwor. Bag bhairab School is located 60 kilometers from the Kathmandu. Despite the close distance, the disparity is visible. Our project aims to bridge the gap with proper ICT support

Initial Term

  • IMG_1251Firstly, provide 10-15 computers to the school.

  • To empower the local youths (school children) with ICT facilities. Encourage learning with the assistance of computers and other devices.

  • To collaborate with training centers and provide training and assistance to the teachers in the school. This will help in implementing the project from the ground level.

Long term

  • IMG_1583Create a sustainable environment for digital literacy with internet facility

  • To introduce computer as a compulsory subject/course from the academic year 2017

  • To develop a further model focusing solely on sustainability.

  • To engage the local population to the usefulness of using ICT. Thus, paving way for further opportunities.

Community ICT Center, Jholunge


Community ICT Center, Jholunge ICT has become an integral part of modern day education...

Sindhupalchowk Jholunge

4,500 of 10,000 USD raised (45.00%)


For us to meet our mission and provide services in the community, we have faith in the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. Without the assistance of community-minded individuals just like you, it would not be possible to serve those in our community.

Our initial goal is to reach $10,000, and we hope that you will be able to make a contribution in cash or in kind. Your generosity will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue in our work.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke