Project Sunrise

A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on 25th April 2015. High magnitude aftershocks were felt for a prolonged period of over 6 months. 8 million people in 39 districts have been affected, of which over 2 million people live in the 11 severely affected districts. Over 200,000 houses have been completely destroyed. Over 8000 people lost their lives.


Project Sunrise is an attempt to rebuild the community in an unprecedented manner to resume back our sustainable project model. Our work for project sunrise will focus on two aspects. Reconstruction and economic recovery.


Reconstruction of the whole village is being carried out with the following stages

Step 1: Temporary Shelters

Temporary Shelters

35 Improvised temporary shelters will be constructed before clearing off the debris and remaining 40 after the land is cleared.

Work status: complete

Step 2: Debris Management

Debris Management

The rubbles of destroyed houses will be cleared off using a bull dozer. A proper terrain for permanent reconstruction will be prepared.
Work status: complete.

Step: 3 Engineering survey and architectural design


A survey by the engineers will be carried out to design and plan the houses drainage, road, community space and earthquake memorial park.

Work status complete

Step 5: Protection Walls


The land has multiple terraces and requires building of protection walls to stop soil erosion after appliance of bulldozer. Walls will be constructed in the necessary places.

Work Status: Ongoing.

Step 6: Reconstruction of Houses.

Houses will be reconstructed as planned. This is the most difficult step and we require support from everywhere possible.

Work status: Not Started.

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Economic Recovery


Jholunge village college will function at an optimum level to provide income generating trainings, seeding funds and support wherever necessary to restore economic independence of the community. The graduates are already creating a sensation. Mohan and the group has started big poultry farm. Sahila has a grocery shop, Pratiman has a truck that will be handy for reconstruction and for freight of productions in the village, Deepak has started village restaurant, Rasmila and the group is good to start a tailor shop. Manufacturing of cement blocks for reconstruction will take place in the village itself. This will provide jobs for many as well.

This step is a land mark to build a sustainable community as per our original plan.

EN College of Empowerment

EN College of Empowerment

EN College is a school of empowerment for youths and adults of deprived and marginalized communities who apparently were denied access or who didn’t have the opportunity for whatever reason to formal schooling during their time. It is a comprehensive vocational school dedicated to restoring economic independence preferentially after the 4/25-mega disaster and its aftermath.

The main objectives of the college are as follows,

  • To equip and empower proactive youths and adults with non-formal and informal education in order to generate income for their livelihood.
  • To arrange initial capital investment in form of seeding fund to kick start a local business after the graduation and revolve the fund along different business.
  • It is an integral aspect of EN Sustainable Community Model to sustain community education and health facility.
  • To promote the idea of self-employment in underprivileged communities to prevent youths from precarious low paid jobs in India and gulf nations.
  • To promote small and medium scale industries in Nepal that can later substantially contribute to national economy through local products and services.
  • To establish a notion of education to be beyond mere literacy
  • Utilization of local resources towards prosperity and sustainability of communities living below the line of poverty.

The Need

Sindhupalchowk is one of the most affected districts with most quake epicenters. Jholunge sustained a heavy loss too. 100% of the houses have been completely destroyed in our project village.8 people lost their lives, 25 critically injured. Hundreds of livestock buried under the debris. Luckily our school remained intact, which quintessentially provided temporary shelter for the community right after the earthquake. Old people, injured victims and children stayed in the school for over a month.

EN Response to April 25th Earthquake

This disaster has shaken the lives of all Nepalis.

All of us have suffered some kind of death, be it physically, mentally,emotionally or psychologically. Some lost their lives whilst, some barely had a scratch on their bodies; some were looted of all the assets that they had, while some didn’t have even a small crack in their homes. There is clearly a difference in the lives of the people and therefore, clearly, the ones that are privilege, resourceful and safe have a moral duty to fulfill towards the ones who are a little unfortunate because of the catastrophe.


Jholunge Village College

Jholunge College is our school of empowerment for youth and adults where we provide...

8,640 of 30,000 USD raised (28.80%)

Changed Priorities, Unchanged Beliefs.

The earthquake has placed us back to ground zero, but no force on earth can forsake our beliefs and faith on coming back stronger from any disaster.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.