Health and sanitation awareness program at Jholunge

Project Majhi Gaun

Awareness Camp

Venue- Majhi Gaun, Sindupalchowk

Date- 13th and 14th May

Project description:

 Maternal health awareness

Under the project we will be teaching 39 pregnant and lactating women about alcohol abuse, breastfeeding, hygiene ,ANC visit , Immunizaton and nutrition followed by evaluation programme to test the outcomes of our project.

Oral hygiene awareness

Around 50 chidren studying at 4,5, and 6th garde will be targeted for oral hygiene awareness. Regular evaluation will be done under Badri parajuli , a teacher a working at Suryodaya school.

The Organizing Team:

  • Bijen Upadhayay
  • Annemette Noergaard Jesen
  • Yugal bhattarai
  • Depaak bhattarai
  • Roushan Pratap Yadav

The volunteers:

  • Shova Majhi
  • Bimola Majhi
  • Aneeta Majhi
  • Blanamaya Majhi
  • Shakuntala Majhi

The SLC Graduates:

  • Somi Majhi
  • Mina Majhi
  • Geeta Majhi
  • Sangita Majhi
  • Sita MAJHI
  • Ramita Majhi
  • Kavita Majhi
  • Ramita Majhi


Time Schedule

Friday , 13th May

6pm: Meeting with the local volunteers he teachers.

  • 10pm: Meeting with the mothers group.

Saturday, the 14th May

  • 9am: dental awareness program for the children..
  • 11am: Individual meetings with the pregnant women.
  • 1pm: Classes about alcohol awareness, breastfeeding, hygiene and nutrition.



Name: Sex: Age: Diseases
Sabritra Majhi F 35 Urine infection
Bimala Majhi F 32 Urine infection
Ganga Majhi F 17 Urine infection
Sangita Majhi F 22 Urine infection
Bimala Majhi F 35 Urine infection
Maya Majhi F 22 Urine infection
Shabtra Bhatarai F 35 Urine infection
Shanti Majhi F 30 Urine infection


Name: Sex: Age: Diseases
Charimaya Majhi F 42 PID
Rega Majhi F 22 PID
Bhaktri Majhi F 57 PID


Name: Sex: Age: Diseases
Goma Majhi F 33 Dysmenorrheal
Ratni Majhi F 26 Dysmenorrheal
Mithu Majhi F 29 Dysmenorrheal
Ratna Maya Majhi F 30 Dysmenorrheal
Shubadhra Majhi F 38 Dysmenorrheal
Somi Majhi F 22 Dysmenorrheal
Kabila Majhi F 21 Dysmenorrheal
Rachana Majhi F 15 Dysmenorrheal


Pregnant women

Name: Age: Gravida Parity Week of gestation (month) Pathology
Sunkeshari Majhi 22 G1 P0 L0 27  
Makhamali Majhi 34 G4 P3 L3 34 Pruritis
Samjhana Majhi 22 G1 P0 L0   Scabies , pruritis
Shanti Majhi 25 G4 P3 L3 25 UTI
Bina Majhi 35 G6 P5 L5 19 UTI
Urmila Majhi 23 G2 P1 L1 26 Vaginitis
Ashmita Majhi 30 G1 P0 L0    
Shanti Majhi 30 G4 P3 L3    
Bimala Majhi 24 G1 P0 L0 10  
Kabayatri Majhi 28 G1 P0 L0    


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