Binod Basnet
May 20 2014

Like they say, youths are the back bone of any nation and indeed we are. The nation’s economy, business, arts, music, wealth, prosperity or anything is hugely dependent upon us for the next two or three decades if not more. It’s an imperative to bring about innovative social reforms during this period. We have the power because we’ve got the right tools; we have ample time, highly improved technology, abundant resources and we have vast knowledge. We have the transition momentum on our side. Dawn till dusk we can endure. Friends or foes we can enjoy. And the best part is that we have the urge to do something different, something original. We now know that following the crowd will only lead us to the exit. We are independent and intuitive. This is power.

And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility that isn’t just confined for oneself but the one which contributes to national pride and national prosperity; the responsibility that ignites hope, the responsibility that resonates with our soul and inner voice. This is social responsibility and this is something that will take us a long way. We are like the coal and with right responsibilities at the right time we surely can be squeezed into diamonds.

The question is, why be part of social reform while you may as well sit back and relax. Why?

My answer would be very simple.

It’s because we care,
it’s because we can and
it’s because we want to or rather
it’s because we need to.
If not us, then who?
Today is the moment, now is the right time.


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