Binod Basnet
1st August 2013

Transcendence of yesterday’s pain is the sweetness of today and probably the glory of tomorrow. Pictures, stories, news often speak the reality of Nepal. At one side, we see how simplicity is actually blissful. But we also see the harsh reality underneath. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with 44% of the total population still living below poverty line. Very few here can afford to enroll in good private schools. The government schools are incompetent with high percentage of early dropouts. Even in the likes of above odds, we believe we can be the change we desire to. All we need is a little bit of support

Why Education? Why Educating Nepal?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 26 (Education for all)

Everyone has the human right to education including free and compulsory elementary education. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit

I strongly recommend you to be part of a social initiative the works in the area of your interest or on the weaker sectors of Nepal that you crave to prosper. But also know that education is the highest return investment for a developing nation like Nepal. Education is the root of development. So if we nurturethe root during juvenile stage the remaining infrastructures of development will surely thrive on its own, like that of a plant.

We at Educating Nepal believe that every child has the right to free education. To be able to expand one’s knowledge and become an independent, responsible and a successful citizen is every child’s birthright. We aspire to make this dream come true because we care about them. We want the children, regardless of caste, creed, and wealth to get equal treatment. We want the children to be trained is all aspects of hygiene, national and global awareness as well as information technology.

The current requirement of fund is for one of the most deprived indigenous communities of Nepal. The Majhis, descendents of fishermen from ancient Nepal are amongst the poorest people. The establishment SuryodayaPrathamik School by Educating Nepal has made Majhichildren the first of theirkind to have attended a school. Now with increased number of students we are in a need of permanent building with proper classrooms.

You Can Help Us

Generous contributions

Donate to us. Whatever modest amount of cash or kind of help you offer; we assure you that your money is in good hands. It will be a valuable and selfless contribution to someone’s precious future. A strong classroom wall will certainly help the children find a safe abode for learning.

If you miss out on donation, you can still help us.

Volunteer to teach

The difference you make to the lives of underprivileged will surely be counted in the form of a priceless smile, a better Nepal or a blessing in disguise. For those who want to make a meaningful difference, please join us and volunteer with us. We are looking to the volunteer teachers to spend a few weeks with the children at school, teaching them English, computer skills, general knowledge, science and whatever it is they know.

Help with educational materials of any kind

Whatever petty things you contribute will not be wasted. We need books and stationery, multimedia tools, computers or whatever you have that may help impart knowledge.  These little things can indeed make a big difference.

Speak out for us to help us garner support for our cause

We need your support in every way. Share our work via Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog or through any social medium; connect us to people or organizations you know that offer similar aid, tell your friends about what we do. That will come a long way. Your support will be greatly appreciated

Life is always about choices; we may take a step forward towards change or do nothing and be stigmatized in the books of history. The first option sounds good to me. Dream without action is merely a wish. Making a wish and doing nothing to fulfill it is senseless. We need to act in order to achieve them. Let the ideas be beyond our imagination but let’s keep them within the reach of our beliefs because what we believe is what we make it happen. So it’s time we take off our gloves, it’s time we do something from up heart to make Nepal a better place to live in; for us, for our children and their children’s children. It’s not easy but I’d say the paradigm is simple; a small act of kindness by everyone   whenever possible. It’s certainly not about how much yougive; it’s about how much love you put into giving. Let’sembrace social responsibility, integrate it into a way of life. Let’s take the much needed step of Turning Mirrors into Windows.

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