Astha Poudel, Director, UK

November 12, 2016

Someone once said that whatever we possess becomes of double value when we share it with others. Looking around me at the difference your support has made to our organisation – Educating Nepal, I know that to be true. So I’m writing you this brief note to express my thanks, our thanks, for you and for your donation. After 18 months, it is clear that the dust has settled and the global attention has shifted to the plight of Syrian children, migration crisis and most recently the earthquake in Italy. But we mustn’t forget the pain, trauma and anxiety Nepali people went through, on a positive note we need to continue applauding their resilience and optimism.

15042208_10157747012270644_4857306665763326378_oThis picture is from April 2016 (don’t ask me- just restored these from our sickly hard drive) when we went back to Majhi Gaun (Fishermens village) to handover the funds Manoj and I had raised (with your support). We felt elevated, overwhelmed and our thoughts rocketed to Mars. It was EUPHORIC! We truly believe that it was the greatest deed of our life.
Our humblest gratitude to the people of Majhi Gaun, Team EN, our donors ( much love to you all) and well wishers- without your tangible and intangible support we wouldn’t have had the strength to continue. We went back to the drawing board; we thrived with perseverance, hardship and team spirit. What we’ve achieved so far is remarkable, see it for yourself and please feel free to reach out directly if you would like to contribute in anyway: 

For further support click our GoFundMe Page.

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