Vacations and holidays are always one of the best times after a hectic school year. You are finally free from your hectic routine. However, having too much free time in your hand can mean boredom sometimes. Here are a few activities you can do during the holidays whether in summer, winter or festive seasons.

Make a garden patch

This is for the nature lovers or for anyone who wants to spend a little time outside. Inside plants are good too if that’s what you want. However you fancy, garden patches are a great way to learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. You can plant a few seeds of your favorite flower or herb in one section of the garden or your balcony. If working outside is not your thing but you enjoy nature anyways, how about collecting a few green plants indoors and learning to take care of them? Plants and gardens are like pets too.

Join a library

For the ones who appreciate the beauty of words, joining a library is a perfect idea. There are good libraries like the British Council or AWON. Your school may also have a library you can use.   It would be even better if you can play book swap with your friends. How you get the books is your choice, but a good read is always worth it!

Create something new

If you are interested in arts, colors or music, this is the right time to express yourself and also practice your skills. You could join a painting, drawing or photography class if you love pretty pictures. If music is something you want to pursue, you could try learning a new instrument. Vacations and holidays are the perfect time to spend time to develop hobbies based on your passion so go for whatever you heart desires.

Learn a sport

Some of us love the outdoors which is a great way to be fit and healthy while learning something new. You might have wanted to play basketball, football or even badminton but have been too tired for it after a whole day of school. You could make some plan with your friends learn it or even go with your parents, brothers or sisters. It’s a great way to get some fresh air!

Make a scrap book

Scrapbooks are a great way to put everything you love in one place. You can look back to it later and refresh your memories on all the cool things you love or have done in the past. To make a scrapbook, you can put photos of an outing you went to with your families or friends or the activities you did. You can also put in pictures and quotations from magazines or newspapers that you love. It will be like creating your personal book. Doesn’t that sound fun?


While you do all these fun and productive activities, don’t forget to enjoy. Some days are just meant for lying in bed or your sofa, eating delicious food and watching your favorite TV shows. You deserve some rest after all the effort you have been putting. Enjoy!

Nikita Rimal Sharma


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