What is Turning Mirrors into Windows?

Ashirwad Tripathy

The whole purpose of education is turning mirrors into windows. Imagine looking at a mirror, what do we see? Our face, our room; doesn’t it confine our thinking on what is inside? Do we get to see what awaits us outside? Sadly, no. All it does is make us think about things that we have, things that we want for us and the thing that could never be ours. What happens with this mindset is that we slowly start confusing our wants as our needs. We think what we want is what we need. And often we have expectations, so much, that disappointments are inevitable. Would that make us happy or satisfied, at least?

EducatioLiteracyn andNow let’s turn those mirrors into windows! Outside lies a world that is equally ours as it is of others. All of us have our role and own duties towards the society that has raised us. When we start caring about the locality we live in and the environment where we exist, we will realize how weak we might be as an individual but how important each of us are in making a stronger unit we call society. Yes, service does start from self but we start serving ourselves in such a way that it is not only beneficial for oneself rather the whole community benefits; not just a generation but it also benefits generations to come. After all, sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

I strongly believe that the day is not far when we have a world where respecting other’s right will be more important than exercising one’s. The faith in justice will be restored and the world will be able to prosper just the way we all want. That is why education matters. Say development, say prosperity the foundation is education; an education system that makes better human beings. It is up to an individual to decide how and how much society deserves from him. But please keep in mind; we are also a responsible citizen and a conscientious resident of planet earth.

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