Nikita Rimal Sharma
25 Jan 2016

Nobody knew that after April 25, 2015, life in Nepal would change forever. The story was no different for Jholunge Gaun as well. The village had just started with its first endeavor towards progress after the involvement of Educating Nepal. Suryodaya School was a successful start; the Women’s Group was taking a lead in school management. We were one step closer to our vision.

But progress does not always go as planned. The earthquake brought down 85 houses and the entire school to rubbles putting us all back to square one.

We never wanted to limit ourselves to just providing education, and now we cannot afford to do that anyways. We need the citizens of Jholunge Gaun to get back to their regular lives as soon as possible if we want our vision to come true.

So now, our focus is on rebuilding and restructuring and we want to do it well.  We want to rebuild not just for survival but for a sustainable future. This involves a lot of work, skills and expertise.

Our friends at Tono MagokoroNet, of Tono City, Japan have offered to help us. They started working in their own country after the 2011 Earthquake and have been sharing their experiences and knowledge to Philippines, Indonesia and now it’s our turn.

We are going on a trip to Japan which is our first step towards restructuring. It is an incredible opportunity and we hope we return with better ideas to rebuild Jholunge Village and beyond!

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