April 24th and 25th was celebrated as one-year anniversary of the 2015 devastating 7.8 manitude earthquake here in Jholunge. The village was completely destroyed calming 8 lives and hundreds of livestock.

Manoj and Astha flew from London only to be in the village on the anniversary day to hand addition support and voice solidarity. Manoj and Aastha have been the integral part of our team since our initial days. They support and represent our cause from London, UK.

The first day was much about interaction with the community, about our progress along one year and re-plan the recovery path thereafter.

Jholunge currently has all debris from earthquake cleared up. 85 families are residing on temporary shelters made up of Plywood and tin sheets. The land has been flattened to restart permanent reconstruction.

On the other hand Jholunge college has expanded to different income generating activities like Jholunge Transportation company, Jholunge Sawmill, Poultry farm, Jholunge grocery shop, Jholunge Resturant, Jholunge Rice mill and so on. This is the pathway to economic independence after disaster and our original means of sustaining the community school.

The second day was a celebration. Children and people from community sang and danced to their folkCelebrating Compassion tunes. We projected some footage from the past to remember how we have progressed since then. The celebration ended with Mo-Mo Party. Thank you Astha for taking in charge of the kitchen for Mo-Mo was inexplicably delightful

The final day, we laid the foundation stone for the newly being constructed building for the school. All our friends and well -wishers, the old Suryodaya Primary School building is no more. We will get personally to you on that.

We have all strived beyond some excruciating hardships last year. Let`s take a moment to celebrate life.

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